"This can be done much better"

This sentence came up once too often and sometimes it's that simple: The idea for makematiq was born

'hello world satelite'

For years, we have been working on the same question from different angles: How can companies be advanced in the market with technology?

Michael as an IT executive and entrepreneur.
Johannes as managing director for marketing and sales.

The idea for the content concept of makematiq emerged from this bridge-building.

We believe that every value chain can be significantly improved through the use of technology and AI. But that this requires a mutual understanding of the respective domains.

Because far too often, IT doesn't talk to the market and the market doesn't talk to IT.

For example, the focal points of interest of the respective employees are often not
congruent. Communication has different goals. And the work results can only be evaluated
using very different KPIs.

'Intro Chart depicting makematiq services'

Consequently, our services encompass technology, AI, product and sales.

To deliver on these value propositions, we rely on the one hand on our own competencies as entrepreneurs and managers who have practically solved many challenges – with their hands on the code and in conversation with customers.

On the other hand, we offer a home to technology enthusiasts and innovators to work on diverse and challenging projects.

In doing so, we draw on a large network of partners and freelancers so that we can quickly provide the necessary resources even for complex projects.

We are attracted by the most difficult challenges of our customers. But we are also happy to implement the long-overdue SAP migration.

As entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Since our start in April, we already worked on some exciting topics

  • Design and implementation support for an IoT company in the rail freight sector both in the go-to-market and in the redesign of the system architecture in Kubernetes as well as the migration to a new front-end solution
  • Consulted a mid-sized company to optimally plan the redesign of its entire network infrastructure across all 13 sites.
  • Initiation of a research and development project in which Deep Learning is used to make the collected knowledge of all IT tickets usable as a database.
  • Supported a start-up in the field of document management in the strategic realignment and restructuring of the business development and product management areas.

Of course, we are happy about every further order and would be pleased if we could arouse your interest.

We are always available for a virtual coffee.

And if your needs are already met, perhaps you can think of someone who could use our services. In this case, we would be grateful to receive a recommendation or a tip. In the spirit of sharing is caring.

Thank you for reading!

The makematiq team

Johannes Humbert Portrait

Johannes Humbert

Co-Founder & CEO


+49 176 8333 5146

Johannes is an expert in market and digital strategy, with extensive experience in fintech, AI, B2B and B2C. His focus is on strategic planning, sales development and product management. As a valued advisor, mentor and advisory board member, he bridges the gap between market, strategy and technology.

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