Why does makematiq exist?

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We believe in a future where innovation makes the world a better place and we want to contribute as much as we can.

The best way to do that is to support and create solutions and businesses that succeed in the marketplace and scale to reach millions of people.

By taking on our customers' toughest problems, we believe in creating technology that matters and moves the needle.

As an agile organization, we see it as our responsibility not just to deliver on time and within budget, but to empower people and organizations. To set an example for our customers of how IT projects could work and should work. Always thinking long term and putting their needs before our interests.

Create, connect, grow:

We create the digital future that empowers businesses, connects people and drives shared success.

This is how we want to be measured


We prepare our customers for market and technology developments with flexible and adaptable solutions.

Deep understanding of technology

We use proven methodologies and in-depth knowledge to help our clients make strategic and operational decisions.

Pragmatism and economy

We deliver efficient technologies that reduce costs and maximize returns for our customers.

Pioneering spirit and innovation

Acting as a catalyst for the development and exploitation of internal and external knowledge, we create competitive advantage for our clients.

Long-term partnership and commitment

We provide ongoing support and adapt as needed to help our customers succeed.

Focus on people

We create value for all stakeholders through customer-focused engineering and people development.

Active risk management and clear communication

We identify vulnerabilities early, respond effectively and communicate clear and direct to protect our customers.


Johannes Humbert Portrait

Logo Linkedin Johannes Humbert CEO

Johannes is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in FinTech, AI, B2B and B2C. He focuses on product and growth for our clients. His passion and expertise lies in working at the intersection of business and technology to deliver incredible solutions and predictable business results. Additionally. Johannes is a valued mentor and advisor committed to driving innovation and positive change in the world of technology. His professional positions include tetrel.ai, wefox, finleap connect, smava and Finanzcheck.

Michael Wilke Portrait

Logo Linkedin Michael Wilke CTO

Michael is an experienced CTO and serial entrepreneur. His passion for technology began at a young age, learning basic programming at the age of 6 and discovering HTML and JavaScript at the age of 11. His particular interests today are clustering, Kubernetes, Mesos, high availability infrastructure, server-client architecture, software design and networking, as well as financial technology related to trade finance, factoring, forfeiting and European payment systems such as SEPA and EBICS. His professional positions include TrustBills, University of Munich (LMU), cwh, FH Wedel.

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